Infinite Banking

Not only is Infinite Banking the most efficient way of using your money in your lifetime, it’s the most efficient way to pass on wealth to family members, loved ones, or charities. Infinite Banking is a process not a product. Our goal is to teach you the underlying philosophy of banking, the most profitable business of all time, and explore how this concept can be implemented in your life.

Infinite Banking is a process of using dividend paying whole life insurance as the vehicle for your savings. By using whole life insurance, your savings are guaranteed to grow tax free and also participate in the profits of the Insurance Company through a dividend (not guaranteed). Not only is your money in a stable, tax free growth environment, but you have freedom to access your funds at any time.

The freedom to access your money at any time is the real power of Infinite Banking. By taking loans out against the accumulated cash values of your life insurance policy, you’ll be maximizing the work of your money. When you take a loan out, your cash values continue to grow and receive dividends even with a loan against the policy!

So, instead of putting cash into a 401k or IRA, and using a bank for the major purchases in your life, you can put cash into your whole life policy and take loans against your cash value for those purchases. As you pay back your loans to your policy, the same way you would with a real bank, you’re the one who recaptures the interest – treating your money the same way a bank does. You have, in essence, become your own banker.

The average American spends 25% to 35% of their income on interest through things like mortgages, car loans, student loans, and credit cards and tries to save 10% of what they make. Conventional financial planning focuses on what to do with the 10% savings portion of your income. Infinite Banking focuses on how to redirect the 25% to 35% you’ll spend paying off debts like your mortgage, car loans, student loans and credit cards. Instead of lining the pockets of the bank shareholders, you’ll be lining the pockets of the policy owner… you.

Our process can be passed throughout generations
by teaching your children and grandchildren to develop their own Infinite Banking
as they continue financing their lives.

Stop transferring your wealth to others
by learning the principles of Infinite Banking.

Take control of your debt
and be financially free today and in retirement.

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