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I’ve been a client of Living Wealth for almost 4 years now. It was Ray and you guys who really helped me understand the concept and just this last month my wife and I used our policies for the down payment on our first house! It’s super exciting and the process of getting the money...

I remember the very first time I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Poteet. At the time I had no idea that he would be a conduit to change mine and my family’s lives forever. Since that first meeting, Ray has been a trusted advisor, mentor, and great friend. I would be hard pressed to...

Hi. I’m Tyler Blair. I’m a real estate agent here in Phoenix, Arizona. I just got my first policy started here with Living Wealth. They sat me down and showed me how I could recapture all my debts and also build a legacy for my family. Even from generations on. You guys need to contact Ray

My name is Shala. I've been with Living Wealth for several years now. I first came as a client and after working with them I have to say that LifeStyle Banking (Living Wealth) has changed my life. We have such a peace in our family over our finances now. We don't

Hi! My name is Carmen Britt and I just want to share my experience with Living Wealth. I was introduced to Living Wealth just by online and word-of-mouth and seeing all of their testimonials and posts on Facebook so I decided to check out their website and from then, my husband and I have

Hey! Hi, my name is Tere Kampe and we’re just finishing up a seminar here with Living Wealth, and I gotta tell you...I am sooo excited about our future. As we sat here this weekend, listened to some of the information I just thought: “Man, Could it be just five years from now? Could

Infinite Banking Review from Stephan Spencer. Stephan Spencer is a recognized SEO Expert, Author of three books, Professional Speaker, Consultant, and Founder of Netconcepts.


Hi I'm Stephan Spencer three-time author consultant speaker internet marketing expert and I'm here to tell you about Living Wealththese guys are just phenomenal I've been working with them for the last couple of years I've been a client of theirs and they are just amazing helping you build a wealth building machine based on