Infinite Banking Missed Opportunities and Lessons Learned with Stephan Spencer


Hi I’m Stephan Spencer three-time author consultant speaker internet marketing expert and I’m here to tell you about Living Wealththese guys are just phenomenal I’ve been working with them for the last couple of years I’ve been a client of theirs and they are just amazing helping you build a wealth building machine based on Infinite Banking and to help you implement because if you have a strategy and its not implemented it’s just kind of pointless it doesn’t do anything for you so they stand by your side and help you to implement and that was such a critical piece when I was in the decision-making process of I heard about infinite banking and how powerful it was from several friends and also from Tony Robbins and he spoke about it business mastery one of his conferences and I just I knew I needed to sign up with a solution like this and to get some help getting that all set up but I had a couple of different competing resources that I could of utilized Living Wealth or formerly they were known as Alpha and Omega financial services they were one option that came highly recommended by a trusted friends of mine who are Tony Robbins platinum partners I also knew a guy who had written a book about Infinite Banking and we had taken some masterminds together so it was a tough decision actually but I’m so glad that I went with Living Wealth and not to the other guy not that he wouldn’t have been great to whatever you know it’s like I need an implementation partner I don’t just need a strategy if it were just set up and then it was up to me to maintain it to utilize it a lot of stuff wouldn’t have gotten done so just a quick example I needed help with just like a promissory note or some sort of paperwork or documentation to use with one of my relatives when I was gonna give her a loan and yes I trusted her Implicitly and everything but it’s always good to have things documented and so Living Wealth Provided me with a template for a promissory note and kind of coached me through the ins and outs of getting this stuff all legally buttoned up and so they always just watch your back they’re checking in on you have any questions do you need any help implementing anything so they really are a coach a guide and implementation partner as well as your your strategist for setting up infinite banking and expanding in overtime so if you’re not familiar with infinite banking it’s just the ability to not work with bank directly but basically be your own bank and have a stockpile of cash available that you build up over time cause you’re paying yourself first just like you pay the government first with every paycheck you pay yourself first goes into a nest egg that makes a decent percentage annual interest and as you pull money out to loan it to your business to friends and family to yourself that when that gets paid back to the policy that is market raised interest rates then all of that gets the additional interest further feeds this account and compounds interest and when you’re pulling money out and using it for other things it says if the money had never left the full thing continues to cook and and earn compound interest even while you’ve loaned you know almost or maybe all of it out so it’s such a phenomenal powerful way to just run your financial life and and cut the bank’s out of the equation so I can’t tell you enthusiastically enough about how powerful Infinite Banking is and how amazing Living Wealth is as your partner to implement it so if you have any questions you want to bounce anything off me you want to get just a reference happy to take your questions to take your call just send me an email and I will respond and I’m going to tell you with full of vim and vigor that you need to sign up with Living Wealth because I’m that confident that they’re gonna change your life and make it possible for you to retire maybe a decade or more earlier just by implementing this so best of luck and maybe I’ll hear from you

Infinite Banking Review from Stephan Spencer. Stephan Spencer is a recognized SEO Expert, Author of three books, Professional Speaker, Consultant, and Founder of Netconcepts.