About Us

At Living Wealth, we teach families and small businesses how to create and transfer wealth by Becoming Your Own Banker through Private Family Financing.

Located in Lawrence, Kansas, and operating in 48 states, the Living Wealth team works to develop long-term relationships with its clients, and help them re-capture the money they are currently losing to other financial institutions. We have seen lives changed and individuals and families become excited about their future, instead of being worried about car, credit card, student loans, and mortgage payments.


Why Choose Living Wealth?

We Tell the Truth

In 2001, after 32 years in the insurance business, Ray Poteet read Becoming Your Own Banker, by R. Nelson Nash. Since then, explaining the possibilities of Private Family Financing using the Infinite Banking Concept has become his focus.

We Serve Others

Our attitude toward all of our clients is to serve, not to be served. We place our clients' goals first. To us, our business and our future is totally dependent upon the trust relationship that we develop with you, our client.

We are the Experts

Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of families and businesses establish their own personal banking system using the principles of The Infinite Banking Concept. No other agency has more insight and first-hand experience. Put our experience to work for you.

Meet the Living Wealth Team

Ray Poteet - Living Wealth Financial

Raymond Poteet


Heather Graves


Jodi Schlesener - Living Wealth

Jodi Schlesener

Vice President

Holly Reed - Living Wealth Financial Services

Holly Reed

COO West Coast Operations

Paul Bohlen - Representative of Living Wealth Financial

Paul Bohlen


Nate Scott - Living Wealth Financial

Nate Scott

Client Development Coach

Payden Schlesener


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