E191: Lessons From Ray’s Estate on How to Maximize Estate Growth and Smooth Transfer

Join Nate and Holly in this episode as they share invaluable lessons learned from managing Ray Poteet’s estate. They deep dive and share how to avoid the pitfalls they encountered, ensuring a smoother journey toward building and transferring your estate. In addition, they discuss two paths available for estate building, yielding vastly different outcomes.

Topics Discussed:

  • Learn key considerations to ensure an effortless transfer of your estate
  • Why you should avoid probate at all costs
  • How to start moving your assets into a trust
  • Understand the two basic paths for your estate transfer
  • What is the family office estate concept
  • Why should you lean towards the family office estate concept if you’re an entrepreneur or if you’re entrepreneurial in your investments?
  • The retirement building estate path vs. the empire building estate path
  • Learn how the Infinite Banking Concept adds creativity and influence to your financial plan

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