Great life insurance strategies to help keep you financially stable

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Life insurance is one of those topics many of us like to avoid. No one likes to think about their own death, and the idea of having a policy that will provide for your family after you’re gone is just depressing. But what if we told you your life insurance policy can actually help give you the life you want, rather than the death you don’t?

Your life insurance policy can be an amazing tool for growing your wealth and becoming more financially stable. Read on to discover some life insurance strategies that will help you have an amazing financial life.

Let Term Policies Expire

The trick to making term insurance policies work for you is that you have to let them expire. When the term comes to a close, you feel like you should renew that policy. Don’t give into that temptation; let the policy expire and get a new one.

A lot can change in twenty years: kids grow up, you may get married or divorced, and your financial life will change dramatically. Term policies exist to protect you during those times in your life when it makes the most sense. When the term ends, let the policy expire and pick something that works better for your current situation.

Let Cash Value Grow Tax-Deferred

An alternative to term life insurance policies is something called whole-life insurance. As the name implies, these policies last your whole life, and they often accrue significant cash value. This value grows tax-free while it’s held within the policy, and it’s in your best interests to let it do so.

The IRS looks at policy dividends that create cash value as a return on the premiums you’ve paid in. You’ll only have to pay tax on those earnings when they get larger than the premiums you’ve paid on the policy. Until that point, you’re getting free money on the taxes you won’t have to pay.

Reinvest Dividends in Paying Premiums

When you get your dividends from your life insurance policy, it can be very tempting to take that money and buy a new boat/car/vacation home/trip to Spain. But if you’re wanting to improve your financial standing, the best thing to do with these dividends is to reinvest them.

Use whatever money you get from your insurance dividends to pay your premiums. Your policy will begin to pay for itself that way, and you’ll be able to use the money you would have spent paying the premiums to buy the luxuries you want. As your policy continues to accrue value, your policy will eventually begin generating revenue for you, in addition to paying for itself.

Borrow Against Cash Value

When you die, the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy will receive the death benefits on your policy. But they will not receive any of the cash value that has accrued in your policy. One way to make use of that cash value is to borrow against it.

You can take out a loan for less than your cash value and use that value as collateral. You don’t have to pay the loan off as long as the total amount of the loan, including interest, doesn’t exceed the amount of the cash value of your policy. When you die, that value will go to pay off the loan, making sure you get the benefit of that money while you’re alive.

Convert to a Life Annuity

One other way to use your cash value on your life insurance policy is to surrender the policy and convert the cash value to an annuity. As you get older, a life insurance policy makes less and less sense, given that your likelihood of dying of natural causes increases year over year. An annuity can be a good option to provide a secure retirement income and make use of the cash value of your policy.

An annuity pays a specified amount of money to the beneficiary on a regular basis – usually monthly. This can be a fantastic retirement option since you can convert the cash value of your life insurance policy into guaranteed monthly income until your death. The only trick is to make sure you won’t incur a significant tax obligation if you take this course of action.

Start Young

One of the best things you can do to make your life insurance policy financially profitable for you is to start young. For one thing, if you get a whole life policy when you’re young, it will have lots of time to accrue cash value as you age. By the time you’re ready to retire, you could wind up with quite a healthy annuity.

But the other thing that works to your advantage if you get life insurance young is your health. Your chances of dying are significantly lower when you’re younger, so insurance companies are more willing to take a chance on your policy. You can get a much better rate on a policy when you’re twenty than when you’re forty.

Buy in Bulk

As with many other products, buying more life insurance will get you more bang for your buck than buying less. In this case, buying more means buying a life insurance policy with a higher death benefit amount. Buying a life insurance policy with a $500,000 payout is cheaper per thousand dollars than buying a policy with a $300,000 payout.

The trick to making that work is not letting your eyes get too big for your wallet. Yes, it’s nice to see the per-thousand-dollar cost go down and the payout go up. Additionally, it is best to make sure you don’t wind up with a payout so big that you can’t reasonably afford to pay for the policy every year.

Get the Medical Exam

When you’re shopping for life insurance policies, you may notice that some policies are advertised as being a “guaranteed issue” or “simplified issue.” These policies allow you to get life insurance without having to get a medical exam to ensure that you don’t have any underlying health problems. However, these policies tend to be more expensive than policies that require a medical exam.

Getting an “underwritten” policy can save you a lot of money if you’re in good health, and even if you have some minor health issues. We know it’s tedious, but take the time to go get the medical exam done and fill out the paperwork. You’ll be able to get lower premiums and save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Build an Emergency Fund

You may be wondering what you should do with all this money you’re saving from getting a medical exam done. One of the best things you can do with this extra money is to build up an emergency fund. This can help you avoid debt and prevent you from having to dip into your retirement fund.

Ideally, you should have between three and six months’ worth of income saved up. If you get in a car accident, break down, have a medical emergency, or run into other unforeseen circumstances, this fund will cover those costs. Be sure you replenish it if you spend from it, and never dip into it unless you absolutely have to.

Invest the Extra

Another way you can make that saved money from your life insurance policy (or even the dividends from a whole-life policy) work for you is by investing it. Many permanent life insurance policies are already invested, but the insurance agency makes choices about how those investments are managed. You can likely make more money if you invest the extra dividends on your own.

If your dividends are large enough, talk to a brokerage agency about managing your investments. They’ll be able to advise you about which stocks are best to invest in and get you in some long-term investments that will provide you with almost guaranteed growth.

Discover More Life Insurance Strategies

Life insurance can be more than just a boon to your family in the event of your death. If you manage it right, life insurance can provide you with excellent financial stability during your lifetime. The life insurance strategies we discussed can help you make your policies work harder for you.

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