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How a Cancer Diagnosis Transformed Our COO’s Relationship with IBC

In 2022, Living Wealth’s COO, Holly Reed, was diagnosed with cancer. This transformed her outlook on life and Infinite Banking. IBC expert Nate Scott joins the conversation, sharing his own revelation after founder Ray Poteet’s passing. Together, they emphasize the importance of living authentically and aligning with purpose.

Why Policy Transactions Are NOT Expenses!

Discover how to be your own bank with life insurance and why policy transactions, such as loans and repayments, are not expenses but vital components of your financial strategy. Dive into the fundamentals of balance sheets, income statements, and Infinite Banking to make informed decisions and secure your financial future.

Is Infinite Banking Right For Me?

E225: How Do I Know if Infinite Banking is Right For Me?

Join Nate Scott as he unravels the mystery of infinite banking, guiding listeners through its nuances and suitability for various financial goals. Explore the flexibility of this strategy and determine if Infinite Banking is the right fit for your wealth-building goals.