E189: Why Ancient Jewish Wisdom is the Key to Building Lasting Wealth

In this episode, join Nate as he welcomes back the renowned guest, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, to discuss how ancient Jewish wisdom can revolutionize your wealth-building journey. They also discuss the destructive nature of retirement goals and explore alternative focal points for building lasting wealth.

Topics Discussed:

  • Learn the destructive nature of retirement goals and their impact on wealth accumulation
  • How the Bible should be impacting the way you think about your money, wealth, business, and life
  • Why you should see money as God’s intended tool
  • Discover the difference between how you feel about money and how you think about money
  • What should we substitute in a society that views retirement as the primary objective of wealth generation
  • The importance of knowing how you feel about what you do will impact how well you’ll achieve your goals

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