E197: Premiums or Policy Loans: Which Should I Really Focus on Paying More?

In this episode, join Nate as he tackles a common question from Infinite Banking Concept clients: “Should I prioritize higher premiums or paying down policy loan balances?” Delve into this crucial topic to uncover your financial journey’s optimal strategy and focus.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Discover the difference between policy loan repayments and premiums that you fund
  • Learn the two different stages of life: the growth stage and the distribution/consolidation stage
  • Explore factors that influence the choice between increasing premiums or reducing policy loan debts
  • Uncover strategies for striking the right balance between premiums and policy loan balances to align with your financial objectives
  • Understand how your unique financial situation and goals can guide your decision-making process
  • Learn how your decisions can impact the effectiveness of your whole Infinite Banking Concept strategy

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Episode Resources:

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