If You Follow The Herd You Will Be Slaughtered

Financial freedom through unconventional real-world techniques for wealth creation and preservation

Dollars and Nonsense focuses on helping individuals and families find financial freedom. The podcast delivers unconventional techniques, astonishing real-world tips, and backdoor growth hacks for anyone wanting to take their wealth to the next level

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How to Really Challenge The Mainstream Money Mistakes

Now that's a big claim. So we'll explain quickly and walk through it together...

The Dollars and Nonsense Podcast focuses on helping individuals and families find financial freedom. The podcast delivers real-world tips, tricks, and techniques for anyone wanting to take their wealth to the next level.

Restack the deck in your favor...

We do all this through the hosts sharing their vast knowledge and sitting down with experts. Plus, the show keeps the average person in mind—you don’t have to be a financial expert to get a metric ton out of every episode. We extract invaluable resources and action steps for you and deliver them in a 30-minute bi-monthly show.

Simply put

We focus on all areas of wealth creation and protection. Together will cover such topics as:

  • Money Myths
  • Financial Self-Reliance
  • Being Your Own Banker
  • Financial Freedom
  • Planning for the future through smart money decisions today
  • Small tweaks, hacks, and tips to make a significant impact on your wealth

And it's delivered free to you right on your smartphone or desktop computer. So you can listen to us from anywhere and on your schedule.

The Dollars and Nonsense Podcast is a passion product of Living Wealth. And at Living Wealth, we teach families and small businesses how to create and transfer wealth by Becoming Your Own Banker through Private Family Financing.

Located in Lawrence, Kansas, and operating in 48 states, the Living Wealth team works to develop long-term relationships with its clients and help them re-capture the money they are currently losing to other financial institutions. We have seen lives changed, and individuals and families become excited about their future, instead of being worried about car, credit card, student loans, and mortgage payments.

Meet the Hosts

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COO West Coast Operations

Holly Reed is the youngest daughter of Ray Poteet. She is the identical twin of Heather Graves. Holly grew up in Lawrence, Kansas. She is married, and lives in Carlsbad, California with her family

Holly graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2000 with a Masters of Education in College Student Affairs and in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education and athletic training. In 2006 she was licensed in Life, Health and Accident Insurance. She joined the family business in 2009

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Nate Scott

Client Development Coach

Nate Scott joined Living Wealth, Inc. with a desire to help families and small businesses become financially free. It was there, under the wise leadership of Ray Poteet, that he learned the power of “Becoming Your Own Banker” through Private Family Financing (PFF) and has made it his mission to tell others so that they can feel the same sense of freedom and control that he enjoys today

Nate loves to teach people the benefits of becoming their own banker and to coach them on how to successfully implement the system in their constantly changing lives. He longs for everyone to hear the truth about how money really works and to understand the power and freedom that Private Family Financing can bring to their families