Dollars & Nonsense Podcast

The Dollars and Nonsense podcast focuses on helping individuals and families find financial freedom using wealth-building strategies such as infinite banking and private family banking.

This personal financial podcast delivers unconventional techniques, real-world tips and backdoor financial growth hacks for anyone wanting to take their wealth to the next level.

Podcast hosts Nate Scott and Holly Reed also conduct engaging interviews with wealth experts to uncover techniques, strategies and hacks to help listeners build their wealth.

Plus, the podcast is presented with the average person in mind so you don’t have to be a financial wizard to get something out of every episode.

Wealth creation topics covered in this podcast:

  • Wealth creation and wealth growth strategies
  • Infinite banking concept
  • How to become your own banker
  • Private Family Banking
  • Finding Financial Certainty
  • Debt reduction
  • Investment risk mitigation
  • And much much more!

E243: Does Faith Affect Your Finances?

Dive into the connection between faith and financial strategies. Discover how trusting God and embracing spiritual principles can not only guide but significantly enhance your financial decision-making processes. Nate Scott shares personal and biblical insights that illustrate the power of aligning your financial actions with your faith.

Recent Episodes

Infinite banking podcast hosts

Hosted by
Nate Scott & Holly Reed

Nate Scott loves creating new strategies to help his clients’ money work more efficiently. He’s been practicing Infinite Banking both professionally and personally for over seven years with amazing results. Nate has the heart of a teacher and a passion for making complex financial strategies easier to understand and implement. Nate believes that traditional, mainstream financial advice is fundamentally flawed and thinks the best way to become financially free is by taking ownership of your monetary decisions and ensuring the tools and strategies you use align with your goals. Nate currently resides in Lawrence, KS with his beautiful wife and three handsome little boys.

Holly Reed is enthusiastic about teaching individuals, families and businesses how money really works. She shares innovative concepts to help clients make their money work as efficiently as possible. Holly is motivated to educate others how to think creatively and challenge conventional wisdom and traditional ideas. Holly believes Infinite Banking is the only way families and individuals can become financially free and stay in control of their money. She has been practicing Infinite Banking professionally since 2011 and personally for over thirteen years. Holly currently resides in Southern California with her husband and family.