E210: Is it Crazy to Stop Putting Money into the Infinite Banking PUA Rider?

Managing cash flow can be challenging when maximizing your Infinite Banking policies. When is it best to reduce PUA payments to start a new policy? Can you fund PUAs indefinitely?

The answer is that determining how much to fund into Paid-Up Additions Riders (PUAs) each year takes strategy.

In this episode, Nate and Holly share an easy-to-understand framework for funding PUAs in the short and long term.

Learn why PUAs act like a “rocket booster,” rapidly building cash value in the early policy years. In addition, the hosts help you learn how to make nuanced, smart decisions personalized to your situation.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Timing is Everything: Learn when paid-up additions riders become unnecessary for policy performance.
  • New Policy Potential: Discover how reducing scheduled PUAs can launch additional policies.
  • Psychology of Premiums: Understand the mental blocks limiting premium funding capacity.
  • Rocket Boosters: See how PUAs rapidly build early cash value like a “rocket booster.”
  • Flexible System Funding: Determine if your age and goals support adjustable PUA contributions.
  • Peace of Mind: Find out how strategic PUA use encourages premium commitment.
  • Strategic Scheduling: Realize the value of starting policies with realistic premium schedules.
  • Understanding Policy Longevity: Consider how policy design impacts future PUA funding flexibility.
  • Unconventional Approach: Learn how self-banking and Infinite Banking offers an alternative path.
  • Escape the Bank and Take Control: Discover how you can be the bank and grow wealth on your terms.

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