Winning the Wealth Game by Playing It Safe – and Smart

The leaves are coming back; the grass is growing; it is spring! And that means time for spring cleaning. Cleaning your houses, cleaning out your closets, but how about cleaning up your finances?


The holidays are over and people normally spend lots of money over the winter. So as spring cleaning arrives why not clean up your finances and start something that will benefit you and your family for generations to come.

Most people deal with lots of debt in their life. I have been blessed to have been taught from a young age how to deal with finances. Most people start their adult life with debt. Whether from college, moving out, buying a car, there is a lot of expenses. And the older you get the more expenses you deal with.  You have to plan for retirement, maybe a wedding, or college for your kids. The expenses add up quickly and if you don’t know how to manage your money right debt is going to add up quickly as well.

There are multiple things out there you could try to help with money. But the one process I have been raised to use and have seen work is called infinite banking. This uses life insurance policies and allows you to take loans and pay yourself back. This allows you to in a sense become the bank.

Do you think a dollar is worth more today or in the future? The answer is today.  Our dollars will be weaker in the future.

And do you think that taxes are going to increase or decrease in the future?  There is no doubt about it.  Taxes will continue to increase. Do you want to pay taxes on the seed or the harvest?  Of course, we want to pay taxes on the seed and not the harvest.  By paying taxes on the seed, we save money because we are paying on less.

Yet retirement programs such as 401 K’s, want you to not have access to your money till later in life when your dollars are weak, taxes are higher, and you are now in a higher tax bracket.  It doesn’t make sense at all.

But we have found a program that isn’t like your typical retirement program.  You have access to your money NOW while your taxes are the lowest they will ever be and you are in the lowest tax bracket you will ever be in.

This program uses dividend paying whole life insurance as the vehicle to achieve financial freedom for retirement as well as many other things. But this program has some extra perks.  It has a death benefit.  Plus, we can use the cash value while we are still living.  Can it get any better than this?

So you owe it to yourself.  If you are wanting to clean up your finances, check out infinite banking.  That is what the financial gurus call this.  Infinite Banking will provide you financial freedom.

Living Wealth

There are a few ways you can learn more about infinite banking.  First, you could check out the beginner’s course videos at the website . Or if you like to read, the book, The Tree of Wealth: How to Build a Legacy, explains infinite banking very well.  Also, you can always contact any of us at Living Wealth through our website: .  We would be more than happy to answer your questions or explain infinite banking.  The next step is up to you.  It’s time to think outside of the box with infinite banking.