Get out of the rat race- Bring the money back to you

Whether April Fool’s day is just around the corner or it has come and gone many of us still feel like fool when it comes to finances, retirement programs, money, and investments. I know that I felt this way until I learned about the Priviate Family Financing (PFF).  Ask yourself, “Have you ever been the fool when it came to investing your money?” Have you ever felt as if you just do not understand the money game? Have you ever been taught how money works? Money is simply a means of exchange. Think about your life … you work really hard you buy more assets, you work harder you buy more assets. You keep working hard and yet at the end of the day you are cash poor and asset rich.

Day after day you go to work and the food company’s get your money, the car dealership’s get your money, the housing industry gets your money, the IRS gets your money, and on it keeps on going. You are a slave to many people and everyone and everything gets your money and you wonder where did it all go? What if you paid yourself first? What if you were able to make every payment a payment into your bank account instead of a giving it to someone else? You can do this and the reason I know you can is I have been able to do it through Priviate Family Financing. I have been privileged to learn how to turn every depreciating asset into appreciating assets.

I know you are asking yourself “Is it really possible to turn depreciating assets into appreciating assets?” Yes, it is possible. You just have to learn how money works and start thinking like a banker. Banks are the biggest buyers of permanent whole life insurance in the world. Yes, whole life insurance. Do you believe banks are in the money business? If you do then banks are either stupid for buying dividend paying life insurance or they know something you don’t know. Dividend paying whole life insurance is the whole product that works with Infinite Banking. It is the whole product that allows you to become your own banker. Simply put the Priviate Family Financing concept teaches you how to purchase a permanent dividend paying whole life insurance policy through a mutual company. You are able to take a loan out from the insurance company, pay the loan back with interest and there is a bonus you have a death benefit too. This allows you to use your cash today. Banks don’t let your money sit they loan it out to you and charge you interest. When you purchase a life insurance policy you are thinking like a banker. You are depositing money and loaning it to yourself and paying it back with interest. Infinite Banking is the key to stop being a slave to everyone else and start paying yourself first.

In life we finance everything we purchase. If you knew you could buy a policy, take a loan out from that policy and buy a car and pay the loan back have you not become the banker? You paid the loan back with interest; therefore, the car just became an appreciating asset since you have the car and the money. You are creating your own Private Family Financing system. This means that over time every payment you make will be a deposit into your own account instead of going to someone else.


Through the Priviate Family Financing use your cash today, build wealth for you and your family. Let you money work for you today and the death benefit be the legacy you leave your family and loved ones. The wealth are doing this, the Banks are doing this so you can do it too. Your money is no different than their money they just use it differently.  Stop a being a fool when it comes to money and learn how you can gain Financial Freedom by thinking like a banker, paying yourself first, and using the Priviate Family Financing to pass on wealth to your family for generations to come.  The way to start is by learning more about Priviate Family Financing and how it can bring your financial freedom.