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E230: 3 Reasons Why People Own Multiple IBC Policies

Dive into why people who practice infinite banking often own multiple policies, and learn about the practicality behind this strategy. From MEC limits to insuring others and serving specific functions, learn how to optimize your financial planning with multiple policies. Don’t miss out on this episode of Dollars and Nonsense!

E229: Inside Look At My Policy: IBC Goes Beyond Arbitrage!

Join IBC expert as he pulls up his own policy to debunk the myth that infinite banking is solely about arbitrage. Learn why borrowing from policies isn’t dependent on growth rates, uncover potential tax deductions, and gain valuable insights on managing capital efficiently. Don’t miss out on this episode to master your financial strategy with

Why Dave Ramsey’s Financial Advice Might Not Be as Biblical as You Think!

Is Dave Ramsey’s financial advice truly biblical, or is it leading us astray? In a world dominated by financial gurus and money-making mantras, Dave Ramsey’s signature advice, “live like no one else today, so that one day you can give like no one else,” has become a mantra for many seeking financial security. But today,

How to Build Generational Wealth In 3 Essential Steps!

Do you want to secure your family’s financial future for generations to come? Today, we’re going over the three essential steps to learn how to build generational wealth. With rising costs of living, fluctuating markets, and changing tax laws, it’s more important than ever to have a solid strategy in place to preserve and grow

is infinite banking right for you

Find Out If Infinite Banking Is Right for You Once and For All!

Let’s answer the question “Is Infinite Banking right for you?” by exploring the spectrum of Infinite Banking and its benefits. Understand its flexibility and how it can complement traditional retirement strategies. Dive into this article as it explains whether or not you should start infinite banking.

Is Infinite Banking Right For Me?

E225: How Do I Know if Infinite Banking is Right For Me?

Join Nate Scott as he unravels the mystery of infinite banking, guiding listeners through its nuances and suitability for various financial goals. Explore the flexibility of this strategy and determine if Infinite Banking is the right fit for your wealth-building goals.

How to Use Barbell Investing with Infinite Banking

E224: Is Barbell Investing the Holy Grail of Investing?

Uncover the “empire over retire” philosophy and the powerful combination of Barbell Investing and Infinite Banking. Learn how to make strategic investments while keeping your financial future secure. If you’re ready to boost your wealth-building potential, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now!

What Is Infinite Banking and How it Works

E223: What Is Infinite Banking and Why Does It Work?

Dive deep into the concept of Infinite banking, what it is and how it works. Discover how to partner with mutual life insurance companies, leverage their tools, and make money flow strategically. This episode includes all the key principles of IBC and a fresh approach to wealth preservation.