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what is a barbell investment strategy

How to Use IBC and Barbell Investing To Make Money Faster

Delve into the world of Infinite Banking and barbell investing—a strategy that combines the stability of Infinite Banking with the dynamic potential of barbell investing. Say goodbye to the idea of retirement and hello to the “Empire Over Retire” philosophy. We’ll show you how to create a life you love today while building a solid

what is infinite banking

Infinite Banking: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Are you ready to break free from financial constraints? Infinite Banking might be the answer. This blog post explores the concept of Infinite Banking, revealing its unique approach to wealth management, tax advantages, and uninterrupted compounding. Learn how you can take control of your financial destiny and build a legacy for your loved ones with

Rent Your Home Tax-Free with the Augusta Rule Tax Hack

The Augusta Rule Tax Hack: A Legitimate Way to Slash Your Tax Bill

Dive into the Augusta Rule tax hack, a legal loophole that allows you to rent out your home tax-free for up to 14 days a year. Learn why it’s called the Augusta Rule and how business owners can leverage it to their advantage. While this tax-saving strategy offers exciting possibilities, we’ll also explore the potential

myths about infinite banking

Don’t Be Fooled by These 6 Myths About Infinite Banking – Get the Facts!

In the world of personal finance, there’s a lot of chatter about Infinite Banking, and with it come several myths and misconceptions. Are you intrigued by the concept but unsure about its validity? We’re here to set the record straight. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the myths about Infinite Banking, providing you

infinite banking tips to grow wealth

How to Leverage Policies for Maximum Wealth Growth – Expert IBC Tips inside!

Discover expert tips on leveraging Infinite Banking Concepts (IBC) to achieve maximum financial success. Dive into proven strategies that not only safeguard your wealth but also supercharge its growth potential. Whether you’re new to IBC or looking to optimize your existing policies, these tips will set you on the path to financial abundance.

infinite banking for retirement planning

4 Infinite Banking Secrets for a Financially Free Retirement!

Discover how infinite banking for retirement planning can revolutionize your post-work years. This blog post delves into four essential strategies that leverage the power of policy growth, offer tax-free income, utilize volatility buffers, and master the retirement trifecta. Understand how each element contributes to a financially secure and fulfilling retirement. Embrace these infinite banking secrets

advanced infinite banking strategies

Top 5 Strategies to Master Advanced Infinite Banking

Are you ready to elevate your financial game with our advanced infinite banking strategies? This guide is your key to mastering a powerful wealth management system. Learn to harness the full potential of Infinite Banking, a concept that redefines your relationship with money and investments. Dive into our strategies and tips, and embark on a

infinite banking

Unraveling The Secrets of Infinite Banking

Have you ever wondered how the principles of Infinite Banking can apply to your everyday financial life? Well, you’re in for a treat. In this blog post, I’m going to share some of the eye-opening insights from my recent conversation with Michael Duryea, a former music teacher turned Infinite Banking (IBC) coach.  If you haven’t

Key metrics for infinite banking

Which Data and Metrics Should I Track for Track Infinite Banking?

A Comprehensive Guide to Tracking Cash Value and Other Key Metrics Infinite banking, a strategy that entails using a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy as a financial instrument, has become increasingly popular among wealth builders and multi-generational families. The approach is lauded for its tax benefits, liquidity, and control it offers to the policyholder. The

how to become your own banker

How Do I Become My Own Banker?

Becoming Your Own Banker Explained Infinite banking is a financial strategy, sometimes called IBC, or the infinite banking concept, that can allow you to take control of both your savings and your debt needs, helping you become your own banker. Did you know that the average American spends 25% to 35% of their income on