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The 3 Brilliant Secrets of the Financially Independent

May 9, 2016 By Jonnie Mindez 0 comment

If you’re an average adult in America today, you go out in the world and work. You get our money and just spend while hoping there’s money left over at the end of the month to put into savings. I’m telling you that’s an easy way to find yourself in financial slavery. Think about it. […]

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Get out of the rat race- Bring the money back to you

May 4, 2016 By Holly Reed 0 comment

Whether April Fool’s day is just around the corner or it has come and gone many of us still feel like fool when it comes to finances, retirement programs, money, and investments. I know that I felt this way until I learned about the Infinite Banking Concept.  Ask yourself, “Have you ever been the fool […]

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Winning the Wealth Game by Playing It Safe – and Smart

Apr 25, 2016 By Caitlin Schlesener and Jodi Schlesener 0 comment

The leaves are coming back; the grass is growing; it is spring! And that means time for spring cleaning. Cleaning your houses, cleaning out your closets, but how about cleaning up your finances? The holidays are over and people normally spend lots of money over the winter. So as spring cleaning arrives why not clean […]

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Ray Poteet Explains How to Turn Your Life Insurance Policy into a Nest Egg With Infinite Banking

Apr 6, 2016 By LivingWealth 0 comment

Our founder Ray Poteet was recently interviewed in an OptimizedGeek podcast, where he explained how infinite banking can turn a life insurance policy into a nest egg. For readers that haven’t heard of infinite banking before, it’s a way to create your own private bank that you use instead of a conventional bank; for loans, […]

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The 3 Main Problems with Traditional Retirement Planning – and how to fix them

Dec 24, 2015 By Living Wealth 0 comment

When planning for retirement, it can become easy to obfuscate the future. Maybe you are 30 years from retirement age – are trying to make the right decisions today to set yourself up financially for your Golden Years might seem like an impossible task. Or on the other hand, maybe you are 3 months away […]

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Top 3 Ways to Have Your Money Work for You Without Messing with the Stock Market

Nov 25, 2015 By Heather 0 comment

For many of us, the Stock Market has been presented to us as the premiere method for attaining wealth for wealth building and retirement. However, with the uncertainty attached to the markets, lack of control, and volatility in the world economies, many of us are searching for alternative ways to work with our money. Unless […]

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4 Impressive Self-Made People from History

Nov 25, 2015 By Living Wealth 0 comment

The old phrase “it takes money to make money” shouldn’t be told to these millionaires and billionaires. Each of their stories, though unique, started with a dream, a plan, and a loan. None of them started out in family money, but each managed their money in a smart way that allowed their businesses, most of […]

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