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“We’ve made quantum leaps in our net worth over the past 5 years – what would have taken us 15 years to accomplish without the programs Living Wealth developed for us. I can not recommend them highly enough.”

Dr. Leonard McGill

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“The financial wisdom that Ray Poteet has about Infinite Banking and how to apply it to specific situations to run a more profitable business is second to none. It is a good feeling to know that my business interest expense comes back to my bottom line instead of a bank.”

Ricky Heard

Infinite Banking: Why should I care about it?

By combining Infinite Banking with our GPS, we’ve created what we call Private Family Financing; a tool that brings financial peace to families who use it. By learning how money really works, you can understand what needs to be fixed and why you’re a slave to the financial institutions who control your money. With your own banking system, you can recapture the money you spend on the things you buy and experience the financial freedom that comes with it. If want to be in control of your money, create a legacy for your family, and move into a position of financial peace, Private Family Financing is for you.


We promise to treat you with respect and honesty while helping you achieve financial freedom and turning your hard work into significance.

Why Clients Love Living Wealth

Motivated to Help You Become Financially Sound

We’re motivated coaches and partners working as a team to help create a financial legacy for everyone we work with. By using the concepts we teach, Clients reach their financial and retirement goals!

Strong Client Relationship Built on Trust

Living Wealth is built off of the long standing relationships we develop with the Clients we service. What we do isn’t just a business, it’s a financial ministry that allows anyone to break the bonds of financial slavery.

Personalized Financial Guidance For Everyone

We bring a personalized experience to the table. Living Wealth works with clients on their ever changing financial situations to make sure they maximize the effectiveness of the banking system we set up with them.

If you follow the herd, you will be slaughtered...

Dollars and Nonsense focuses on helping the individuals and families find financial freedom. The podcast delivers unconventional techniques, astonishing real-world tips, and backdoor growth hacks for anyone wanting to take their wealth to the next level.

We do all this through the hosts sharing their vast knowledge and sitting down with innovative financial experts. Plus, the show is presented with the average person in mind. So you don’t have to be a financial wizard to get a metric ton out of every episode. We extract revolutionary resources and hidden action steps for your and deliver them in a 30-minute bi-weekly show.

Dollars and Nonsense Podcast

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Explore the essence of financial independence and how Infinite Banking offers a transformative solution. We discuss the three pillars of financial freedom—income, security, and control—and demonstrate how Infinite Banking empowers individuals to build wealth and

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