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E29: How to Leave a Better Legacy

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In this episode, we will discuss how to leave a better legacy. And we’ll share some practical tips you can implement that will help you leave a large and generational legacy for your family.

Leaving a better legacy is a topic that’s dear to our heart because we deal mainly with the world of life insurance. In episode 29, we’re going to talk about some practical steps, but as well as some philosophical, I guess you could

Today, we’re going to talk about some concrete steps. And we’ll share some fundamental philosophies, so you can leave a better legacy that will last.

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Leave a Better Legacy Topics Covered:

  • Figuring out how much money is enough
  • Getting rid of poverty mentalities
  • The Bible’s stance on inheritance
  • Ridding yourself of the scarcity mentality
  • Setting bigger long-term financial priorities
  • Developing and passing down money wisdom
  • What we can learn from two of the wealthiest American families that ever existed
  • How saving 10% is a myth that could hurt you

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Episode Takeaways:

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