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E22: Is Paying Cash Best and How to Maximize Dollars

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Is paying cash the best option? In this episode, we will discuss how you can learn how to maximize your dollars by changing how you purchase the things you need in life.

In today’s world of finance, the Holy Grail is to get out of debt and to be able to pay cash for everything. That’s what we’re taught by all the major financial gurus, pay cash, pay cash. Get out of debt, get out of debt.

We’re not saying that’s a bad idea. But we can offer some insight into how you can improve your situation even further. That’s going to be the goal for today.

So is only using cash the best option?

The answer: it depends.

In fact, we think there are some better ways to do it.

Get Out of Debt and Paying Cash Topics Discussed:

  • How can we find something else that’s better than paying cash
  • What are some of the pitfalls with paying cash
  • Being asset rich vs. cash Poor
  • Is using cash necessarily bad
  • Good debt vs. bad debt
  • How to leverage debt in a financially healthy way
  • Why it’s important to keep money in motion
  • The real cost every time you pay in cash

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Cash vs. Debt Episode Takeaways:

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