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E18: 3 Largest Wealth Destroyers and How To Thwart Them

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In this episode, we will discuss the three biggest wealth destroyers and also give you ideas of how to break free from their clutches.

So much money is leaking from three areas that we’re going to discuss. If people knew what was going on with their money that they’re earning and saving, they’d be mortified.

Bottom line: Taxes are the largest destroyers of wealth. But there is also a slew of other rats eating at your money. And sadly, most people don’t even pay attention to them or know they exist.

So we’ll bring things to light and share with you how to protect yourself today.

Wealth Destroyers Identified and Topics Discussed

  • The taxes secretly robbing you blind
  • The 1.8 Million Dollar opportunity cost
  • Hidden impact of taxes on retirement programs
  • The sneaky money thief: inflation
  • How inflation becomes a compounding problem
  • Fractional Reserve Banking’s effect on inflation
  • Credit Cards
  • Hidden fees in retirement programs
  • Hidden fees in mutual funds

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