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11 Instagram Accounts That Reveal The Secret Life Of The Young And Crazy Rich

May 3, 2016 By Living Wealth

What happens when you combine young rebellion with millions or perhaps billions in inheritance?

These genetic lottery winners are in their late teens to mid-twenties, they’ve got no worries and tons of cash, and they love posting pictures of their lavish lifestyles on stunning Instagram feeds. Want inspiration for your own rich lifestyle dream or an escape to an unbelievable life?

Follow these Instagram accounts to discover how the top 0.1% live.

1) EJ Johnson

He’s got the same passion for the spotlight as his father, basketball master legend Magic Johnson,  and this 6’8″ 23-year-old reality star has the huge personality to match his big stature.  A scroll through EJ’s Instagram makes evident his passion for big yachts, hanging out on the red carpet with other rich young things, and throwing sass left and right.

En route ?? #teamthis

A photo posted by EJ Johnson (@ejjohnson_) on

Opulence #laborday #teamthis

A photo posted by EJ Johnson (@ejjohnson_) on

Situated #Vegas #rkobh #teamthis

A photo posted by EJ Johnson (@ejjohnson_) on

2) Roxy Sowlaty

Although she doesn’t come from a family with as big a name as these other celebs, she still manages to hold her own in the fortune department and mingle with the rich and famous. Roxy Sowlaty isn’t just using Instagram to show off her expensive style, she’s making moves forward in her design career. Since posting pictures of her new apartment in May, she’s received so much feedback on the design, that she has been offering design advice to one apartment per week on Instagram.

My favorite mini bag on my favorite chair at my favorite store @twentiethdesign !!!

A photo posted by Roxy Sowlaty (@roxysowlaty) on

Happy new year ??? wishing you all a year filled with so much love!!! ?✨

A photo posted by Roxy Sowlaty (@roxysowlaty) on

Most grateful for @nicolasbijan ❄️✨

A photo posted by Roxy Sowlaty (@roxysowlaty) on

3) Dorothy Wang

Daughter of Chinese department store billionaire Roger Wang, Dorothy got the taste of the luxe life from an early age, and now promotes “fabuluxe” as her personal brand. Don’t expect to see a photo on her Instagram that isn’t manicured and dolled up to perfection.  One of the original “Rich Kids of Instagram” that is currently on the MTV show, she isn’t afraid to flaunt the parties she attends and what celebs are hanging with her.

Morning views with a few of my favorite friends ?

A photo posted by DOROTHY WANG ✨ (@dorothywang) on

4) Barron Hilton

The younger brother of the infamous Nicki and Paris, Barron’s Instagram bio says boldly “Never regret anything, because at one point it was exactly what you wanted”; the quote seems to perfectly encapsulate what you’ll see on his Instagram – a bit of everything you can imagine. And Barron doesn’t seem to regret any of it.

Cannes you handle it?

A photo posted by Barron Hilton (@barronhilton) on

When your slippers dgaf ?

A photo posted by Barron Hilton (@barronhilton) on

Cheers ?

A photo posted by Barron Hilton (@barronhilton) on

5) Vivi Clarins

Looking at her Instagram, one can tell she was born into a fashion family, heiress of the grand Clarins beauty empire with her three sisters. Her instagram in itself is a source of perfectly curated international style and beauty, and reads more like a lifestyle and travel blog of beautiful design and crisp images of the French seaside.

#weddingblues. Best selfie in the world @ludoviccesari

A photo posted by @vivicourtin on

Going Russky

A photo posted by @vivicourtin on

6) Ariana Rockefeller

She’s got the last name that instantly gets her into any country club. If you want a picture of that kind of older idea of the high class lifestyle, check out her Instagram. Polo matches, equestrian training, ladies brunch, her mansion in the countryside, Ariana’s lifestyle is the high society pacesetter. Ariana also designs her own modest, lady-like self-titled clothing line, which she models for on her Instagram.

Time to depart via wooden ferry boat. #islandescapes #FloridaKeys

A photo posted by Ariana Rockefeller (@arianarockefeller) on

Weekend walks with #scoobyrockefeller #latergram #PocanticoHills #houndstooth

A photo posted by Ariana Rockefeller (@arianarockefeller) on


7) Andrew Warren

Andrew Warren’s  Instagram is the feed of one single non-stop party that never ends and never gets boring. Crystal clear pools off on the coast of Mykonos, mansion pool parties, Grandson of fashion tycoon David Warren, Andrew is attempting to follow those footsteps with his own clothing line, and the only brief breath you’ll get from his feed of party shenanigans will be to share a pic of Vanessa Hudgens in his newest line of women’s tanks.

@bellachartouni & I #twinning with the blue sparkles ☄✨ and eh @ffertittaiv you’re outfit was ok

A photo posted by Andrew Warren (@adwarren) on

NYC weather making me wish I was in LA. Booking flights ASAP ☀️

A photo posted by Andrew Warren (@adwarren) on


A photo posted by Andrew Warren (@adwarren) on


8) Emir Bahadir

Hailing from a well-to-do Turkish real estate family, Emir refers to himself as “Lord Emir” and lives like even greater royalty than that. When he’s not boat racing, renting out a personal helicopter, chilling on his yacht, or partying in the most exclusive international clubs, he’s the co-founder of high-end realty firm RLTY NYC to make sure his bank account  can keep up his luxurious lifestyle forever.

& Yes.. We Have Arrived..! #WeCannes #FestivaldeCannes #Bahadiring ?? #woofwoof

A photo posted by Emir Bahadir (@emirbahadir) on

#missionaccomplished #RLTY #RLTYFL #realestatelife #lifestyle #Bahadiring #hatonpoint #Boss

A photo posted by Emir Bahadir (@emirbahadir) on

#touchdown #workhardplayhard #Bahadiring #RLTYFL #Miami #southbeach #jetsmarter #Boss #weareready

A photo posted by Emir Bahadir (@emirbahadir) on

9) Lana Scolaro

With Lana you get every aspect of the young, rich lifestyle that you could want: the glamorous travel, the gorgeous pools and real estate, and the lavish celeb-saturated parties. She’s mentioned casually that she is part of an elite, international clique that is invited to all the best parties, so keep her Instagram on your Internet speed dial to keep up to date with her lavish jettsetting.

I could GPS you if you need addressin ?? #CannesFilmFestival

A photo posted by Lana? (@lanascolaro) on

Up in the morning, miss u bad

A photo posted by Lana? (@lanascolaro) on

10) Rich Kids of Instagram

That’s right, the picture below features a drinks check for one evening that could easily cover my rent for 5+ years. Rich Kids of Instagram manages to compile the most insane displays of young wealth on the web. They’ve all got pools with more square feet than your house, they buy a first class plane ticket for their dog, and they have a designer outfit for going to the grocery store.

#aceofspades #magnum #belevedere #youngmoney by prehndk #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram

A photo posted by Rich Kids Of Instagram™ (@richkidsofinstagram) on

It might be a new year, but Sunday’s are staying the same. by g.westerlund #rkoi #richkidsofinstagram #tunedin #pigskin

A photo posted by Rich Kids Of Instagram™ (@richkidsofinstagram) on

Just trying to remain low key in south beach. by giglidola

A photo posted by Rich Kids Of Instagram™ (@richkidsofinstagram) on

11) Rich Kids Of London

The Rich Kids Of London uncovers the lives of the wealthiest youngsters from the UK. It shows it all: fat stacks of bills with pictures of the Queen on them, kids dumping champagne like it’s water, and more cars with gull-wing doors than you even thought existed.

Instagram is the hub of showing off how cool your life is, and if that is the goal, then these kids might have the their reign as kings and queens of Instagram on lock. Money can’t  necessarily buy happiness, but it certainly buys a fascinating lifestyle.


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