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"...Living Wealth is knowing what matters to you and having the capacity to take care of it all... "

- Shirah Alice Bell, Ph.D

Shirah Shirah Bell is a certified spiritual director and a Mussar teacher and mentor. She guides individuals and groups to find meaning in their lives, make important choices, and develop self-healing practices.

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Spiritual Direction

Also known as spiritual guidance, spiritual direction is an ancient contemplative practice of accompanying a person or group as they awaken to the sacred in everyday life. It is a process of holy listening, slowing down, being quiet, and becoming more aware of the divine presence in all of life. The word ‘direction’ means guiding the client in the direction of the spirit, to a deep wisdom, which some call an “inner knowing” and others a “sacred voice.”


Whether you think that God did it or that modern life is full of distressing surprises, we are repeatedly given challenging circumstances to master. The Jewish tradition tells us that working on these challenges is our central task, our purpose on earth. Mussar, a centuries old practice of spiritual examination, provides guidance in uncovering our assignments and working on them in a constructive and increasingly joyous way. We explore particular character traits, such as compassion, humility, and patience, and using several practices such as daily journaling, meditation, chanting, and text study we refine our character to express our finest selves.